WHO IS Niko ?


I am a musician, martial artist and traveller. Well, i live and breathe for Art ! 

Welcome to Travelinmelody, my living love letter to the world and all its beauty and glory.

I hope you will join me along for this crazy ride. This is my labor of love for all the people and places that have moved me and touched my heart wherever I go, my gift for all that I’ve experienced, lived and learned.

100 Noms is my living chronicle of the writing for this crazy project of unifying all the orchestras of Reunion Island. Because in any direction you look, you can find 100 songs, faces, stories, poetry. The world is a prism depending on what face you turn to the light.

Come with me as I explore art, music, nature, people and everything in between.

dive in, get your groove on, put on your helmets, and come along for the ride. The world awaits you and you won’t regret it



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Give care.




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