GUM (ジャンベ) is for sure my best friend in Okinawa but also an incredible talented musician.
The story behind this video is quite original and unique. I was for my first time traveling in Okinawa to train Goju Ryu Karate with my sensei Zenei Oshiro that I followed for years, and the first night there i was just walking around the streets of Naha when I bumped into that guy playing Sanshin like crazy, with a unique voice.

So I just sat down and played my flute. And when we stopped we tried to talk but he couldn’t speak a word of english and I couldn’t speak Japanese too ! So we just played again, and did the same every day at night.

So I can say that he is the first friend I have made without speaking at all, but speaking through music. This guy is a true warrior, he has an amazing spirit and play like no one else. Now we are able to talk more, me in japanese and him in english, but still we are more close than ever when we play music.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Gum from Okinawa.