1. 01-WACKO La Madrugada Orquesta 4:39
  2. 02-STORY OF SILENCE La Madrugada Orquesta 6:19
  3. 03-COMBAVA CHA La Madrugada Orquesta 6:11
  4. 04-LOUL I DANS La Madrugada Orquesta 7:31

Behind the Scene

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This band has a long story. After a first life where we were leading with Matthieu Amosun Babalola, La Madrugada Orquesta slept for a while and woke up again after a few years but this time I started to compose for it.

It was not always easy, because I was young and my musicians were so talented, we made mistakes but we were playing with so much passion. It was like holding fire in my hands!

I don’t know how many rehearsal we made, how many concerts and crazy moments of laugh, arguments, and all what a real family live finally. I will never forget all these friends and all those amazing musical moments when the public was just getting crazy with us. 

La Madrugada Orquesta will maybe have another life someday, who knows?