1. REVOLUTIONS Niko Coyez 4:20
  2. DAN SILENS Niko Coyez 3:52
  3. YOUR EYES Niko Coyez 4:45
  4. REVES D ENFANT Niko Coyez 4:33

The Story

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Behind the Scene

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A Yo…

A Yo was with no doubt the album that took most of my energy. So intense and much more risks as I decided to sing myself this time. 

Well it was brand new to sing, and a huge challenge for me but i needed to do it, for many personal reasons so I just jumped in it.
The writing was easy and the recording too, but all my life was in an incredible mess around. Hard things happened during this and I think now that this album was a way to release myself from all this.

Ayo in Yoruba means Joy, and A Yo means also « for Yo ». Yo as Yoann, a brother that left for a better world too early, but A Yo is also dedicated to Naghmey Aby Samb. A woman that no words can describe enough, more than a sister or a friend, more than a lover or family, she passed away during the realization of the album so this is also for her. 

As you can see, it’s not an ordinary music. Lot of tense and release, lot of peace and tourments here but maybe the most sincere music I could have done at this moment.