DATE DE SORTIE : 20 octobre 2006
ARTISTE : Ziskakan
LABEL : Ziskakan
ZISKAKAN – Baskil Lamour (Album Banjara)

It was a dream to play with Gilbert Pounia and Ziskakan when I was already a kid. 
Can you believe this band was born the year of my birth?  I had the chance to meet Gilbert during my studies, I was doing some research about traditional music and it was an evidence to interview him. I was young so a bit shy at the moment but he welcomed me warmly and years after years never forgot who i was. And we played together of course but I had a huge smile on my face the day he asked me to record with him. 

Gilbert is a true poet and he also kindly accepted to come sing on my first album Fonkèr’.

I m honored and blessed to have meet some incredible musicians and humans in my life, Gilbert is one of them. I have a lot of love for his music and his personality, like one of my uncles in music ! 


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