The story

My first band that i leaded and composed for. 8 musicians, heavy to manage when you still young but we had so much fun together and damn! That band was playing some really good music and we had some memorable moments all together!
Maybe we should record something else one day and make a revival?


La Madrugada Orquesta

Release Date : 19 février 2006
Artist : Niko Coyez
Format : CD

Sax: Gregory Deletang
Trombone: Sebastien Decalonne
Trompet: Yann Lupu
Drums: Vincent Bellec
Perc/congas: Franck Perondi
Bass: Fabricio Nicolas (except Track 3 Miko Costa)
Piano: Minh Pham
Vocal on 3: Leslie Phillips
Flute/perc/compo: Niko Coyez