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My team & Partners

My team & Partners

I have the chance to work with an amazing team of people and friends to develop


and also co-work on their own projects.
I encourage you to visit their own pages and discover what they do.

Open Atlas

A cooperative of entrepreneurs creating open-source.
Located all over Europe, the project is being carried out from Reunion Island
Creation: As connected as Facebook and as open as wikipedia, communecter.org is a free and open social network, it serves knowledge of territories and action in society.


Benoit Richer

Blogger, Photograph

We travelled together in Bali and Cambodia many years ago and since then we have done more trips and many destinations to explore.
He is for sure and amazing and easy going travel buddy and he worked hard the last years to build and incredible blog on his travels. We naturally decided to work together and you will find all my travel experiences on his website soon as he will host my Blog Page very soon.
Have a look on his website.


Sylvette Annibal

Dancer, EYWA 360

We started to work few years ago with Sylvette on the 100 Noms Project in Reunion Island.
Since then we haven’t stop making project together. She is a great dancer, manager, hard worker and amazing person that you can trust blindly.
Her project EYWA 360 is on the way and will be an essential link to TRAVELINMELODY.

(website on construction)

Photo credit : Philippe DESSOYER

François Cousin


It’s been now 15 years or more that I’m working with François.
He has a unique studio in Paris. You feel at home there and he has one of the most incredible ear, always available to help you to find the best sound ever.
It’s no surprise that we still work together after all this time


Feeling Music

Since my first years in Paris, Feeling Music was there, supporting me, helping me in so many ways that i can’t even explain to you. All the team and especially the Decalonne family gave me some special attention, from offering a place to rehearse with my bands, a place to teach, repairing my flutes and giving me some other opportunities.
If you have one place to go to repair your instrument of buy a new one, FEELING is THE place to go. Trust me


Oscar Samet

Last one to join the team, Oscar is a young talented man that i know for a few years.
He asked me recently for me to train him in Martial Arts seriously.
After some time thinking of it here we are, Oscar became my first official « padawan » and he offered me to help me in building up the Label and the company in exchange of all the trainings. And guess what! It works!
We train a lot, he learns fast, he works fast so
welcome to the adventure Oscar!


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