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The world is changing in so many ways and but we need Art more than ever.
This is why I decided to start teaching Online.
We cannot sit together but I can still share my 30 years of experience in music with you.
I’ve travelled the world, exploring and learning other cultures and musical styles, I have met incredible artists and musicians along the way and continue to challenge myself to be
a better flutist, a better musician, and most importantly a better human being every day.
So get ready to step outside of your comfort zone, be inspired and further your language more than you know!

  1. Breathing



  4. Improvisation


  6. Connecting

Breathing is the foundation of playing flute.

Taking inspiration and influence from my practiced martial arts and free diving, I will share some alternative exercises to help your lung capacity and breathing.

These are exercices you can practice anywhere for flute warm up or as meditations to create mind and body space.

The video bellow is from 2017 when I was traveling in Dumaguete, Philippines. I was explaining to some of my students a few stuffs about breathing. So this is a « on the road » workout example.

— This is a video from 2017 where I explain a bit about breathing.

The quality of your sound will be your trademark. It’s the signature of your personality, your soul.

It is what will make the whole difference when you will play for others.

This is a huge part of my work with my students.

I prefer to hear someone with a beautiful sound playing 3 notes than a virtuose with a random sound quality.

In the video bellow, I play the dòngxiāo (洞箫洞簫) flute. This is a chinese traditional flute quite similar to the shakuhachi in Japan.
Location: somewhere in Mexico. Kora: Nico Rodriguez

From absolute beginners to advanced virtuoses, you will have some work with me! 

We will build some solid fondations and if you are already advanced, don’t worry! I will push you beyond your limits.

But we will always make the hard work be a pleasure. Even if you are playing some really pure technical stuffs, there will be always a direct application with music on the back ground and I will show you how to explore all the capacities of your instrument.
In the video bellow, you will meet Marta Paredes. She is one of the most famous percussionist from Venezuela. 

Improvising is my life.

Even when I was a kid learning classical, I was improvising, playing with some traditional percussions, improvising on the radio and all the music I could find. 

I will share with you my experience in all the styles I’ve explored, from jazz to afro-cuban music, latin, asian flutes, african rhythms and so much more! 

I love to play with effects on the flute: delay, distortion, chorus, reverbs, harmonizers, flanger. There is no limits to your creativity.

You need to know your playground and how to use your instrument & imagination to open some new doors with your instrument.

The key will always be: CURIOSITY

Wherever I go, I try to meet musicians. And when I do, we play, we jam together. In this video, meet Rodeks, an incredible flutist living in Bandung/ Java indonesia. 
This is how we met and we talked in music. 

When we talk about Flute, most of people in the occidental world think of classical music.

But Flutes are with percussions the oldest instruments in the world!

I have traveled in Asia, in Latin America and Africa for 8 years and still I haven’t learn enough to feed my curiosity for ethnic music and cultures. 
I will share with you all I know about the different ways to play flutes in the world, all we can do with our incredible instrument and make you discover some unique ways of playing Flute.

In the video bellow, you will see my friend Pacet and his band playing in the street. This was the very first video I made when i started traveling. The suling is a unique flute that uses circular breathing. 

In these difficult times I’ve been thinking how to make my Online lessons be different and most of all how to give you some material that will be unique.

I have traveled the world and I have an incredible and unique network of Artists, friends that I decided to involve in my teaching
So there will be some lessons where some of my Artists will be invited to share with you their knowledge.

Let me give you an example: I teach you Sekar Gayot, the song that my friend Pacet Juliantara from Bali made for the wedding of the Prince & Princess 6 years ago. This song is incredible for the rhythms and the unique way of playing the flute. We start with learning the song and when you’re ready, we will do a special lesson with Pacet, the composer of this song, in live just for you. 
And that is only one example. I have a hundred musicians ready to come and share with you. 
I will adapt who I invite regarding of your needs to progress and all these Artists are amazing people that will not only share with you music, but also their humanity.

THIS is the difference.

In the video bellow, you will meet one of my friends & artist Alena Murang. She became one of the most well-known artist in whole south east Asia since this video. Because of her story and what she stands for.
She is one of the incredible artists that could be invited in your lessons.


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